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  Exclusive Producer & Supplier of Organic Mushroom

Message from Entrepreneur

Nurjahan Agro Firm is an agro-based firm established in 2011, has been exclusively producing high quality Oyster Mushrooms to meet the local demand. The firm produces and markets a range of sizes of Oyster mushrooms, conforming the best quality standards. We are continuously focused to be the most efficient Mushroom producer & supplier in Bangladesh.

We are one of the fast-growing and most progressive fresh mushroom producers in Dhaka City. We produce and supply a full range of top quality Fresh Mushrooms, Dry Mushrooms and Mushrooms Powder to direct consumer as well as some renowned Super Stores in Dhaka City. 

We are very cautious about the quality of our work. We are always determined to give our best service and we farm mushrooms under strict inspection and regulations. The specialty of our firm is that we produce mushrooms in very hygienic environment and process.

Our firm is doing business all over Dhaka City with good name for years due to our level of maintenance of the excellent quality in mushroom production which is after all our greatest achievement so far.

At Nurjahan Agro Firm, we are focused on producing high quality Oyster Mushrooms in 100% Organic way. We have been supplying our produces in several super shops in Dhaka City with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet the expectations of our clients.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

"Mushrooms for Good Health"

Why Us?

Nurjahan Agro Firm is commited and dedicated to produce the best product for it's valued customer. 

Nujahan Agro Firm produces only the Oyster Mushrooms exclusively in fully Organic way, whereas no chemical or insecticides are used during any stages of production. We provide / supply the FRESH mushrooms just after cutting off the plant so that our customer can enjoy the taste of freshness and better benefit.

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